Amber Merideth
2 min readFeb 26, 2021

Adoption surprise — 2 minute playscript

A two minute play by Amber Merideth

Setting: Lunchroom

Sally is sitting alone at a table unpacking her lunch, Angie approaches the lunch table.

(Sally looks up and smiles)

Sally: Hey lady! How are you today?

Angie: Uh, let’s just say it will be better once the clock hits 4:30.

(Angie sits down in the chair next to Sally)

Sally: I hear you; I am really looking forward to the weekend.

Angie: Me too. Hey, have you seen Maria recently?

Sally: Yes! I saw her just last week. She is glowing!

Angie: I know! She has the cutest pregnancy figure, doesn’t she? From behind she doesn’t even look pregnant. Just a perfectly basketball shaped belly! I sure hope when I decide to have kids, I look that good!

Sally: I am sure you will be radiant.

(Sally looks down)

Sally: You know, that is the ONLY things about straight couples I am jealous of.

Angie: What do you mean? There are SO many options these days. You can adopt, get invitro! Heck, I think I even read an article where one woman carried her partners baby.

(Angie and Sally chuckle together)

Sally: I know and all that is great. But I just want that moment.

Angie: What moment?

Sally: I want it to be a surprise for me. Like one my night my lady tells me “we have to talk” and I am a l am all nervous, because that is never good.

But then there is that moment. You know, the moment the girl tells the guy and he is all freaking out for a second but then is like…. okay let’s do this! I want to be that “guy” but like…. the girl version.

(Sally chuckles)

I just want to have that moment.

Angie: Oh, my goodness, that sounds like a scene out of a romantic comedy. I have never really thought about it that way though. Makes sense. But you never know, life can surprise you.

Lights dim for a bit but when they come back on and Sally is typing at a desk when the sound of a phone goes off

Sally: Hello?

Sally: Wait wait…. Slow down, what?

Lights dim and when they come back on Sally is back in the breakroom pacing back and forth looking anxious when Angie rushes over

Angie: I came as soon as I could, what is going on?

Sally: My sister just called.

Angie: And?

Sally: My cousin has had a baby and is placing him up for adoption. They want him to stay in the family though.

Angie: Oh my, that is BIG.

Sally: My sister called to see if I could take him when he is ready to come home from the hospital.

Angie: What are you going to do?

Sally: I don’t know, I am freaking out a little.

(Sally starts pacing)

Sally: You know what?

(Sally stops pacing)

Sally: I am going to do this! I am going to say yes and step up and become a parent.

Angie: Sally…

Sally: Yes?

Angie: Dare I say, I think you just got your “moment”.

(Lights dim and curtains close)