A Cold Christmas Miracle

Amber Merideth
14 min readFeb 26, 2021


Title: A Cold Christmas Miracle


Anastasia — Young woman in her mid to late twenties 25–29 years old. She is wearing a puffy purple jacket, purple gloves, blue jeans, purple rainboots.

Christopher — Young boy, 5–7 years old. Wearing a puffy blue jacket, black toboggan, blue gloves, black pants and old raggedy boots.

Dr. Nicholas Duncan — Sickly looking older gentleman, 65+ years old. Wearing a thick red pea-coat, dress pants, white leather gloves, a red fancy winter hat, nice green scarf with black boots or a medical gown depending on the scene.

Setting 1: Medical “room” with medical table and fake medical equipment on the “walls” which are 3ft x 6ft make-shift roll-away walls. The medical table hides the wheels on the bottom of the walls.

Setting 2: Empty Snow-covered road with Christmas lights in the distance. A 1950’s Convertible sits on the road with bushes next to the car.

At Rise: Light is shining on Dr. Nicholas Duncan as he sits on the side of a medical table looking nervous. He is wearing short sleeves, shorts and sandals.

The body of the play:

(As Dr. Duncan sits by himself in a hospital gown, on the medical table looking worried and nervous, he starts praying out loud)

[Nicholas]: Dear God we don’t talk much but I am scared. I know that I have lived a long life and for that I am thankful. I am waiting on the results of the testing and I know that they are not going to be good. I have been a doctor long enough to know the signs of a sick man when I see one. I just pray that you allow me to stay strong enough to see Christmas it is only a few months away. Christmas is always my favorite Holiday… it reminds me of being a kid.

(queue sound of foot steps coming closer until they cease. Male walks up just shy of the lighting on the stage)

[Male doctor]: Mr. Duncan, I have received the results of your tests. I am sorry to inform you, the outlook doesn’t look good. The results tell me that unfortunately, you only have about 6 to 8 months left.

(The Male doctors voice gets lower and lower until you cannot hear anything after the following sentence)

[Male Doctor]: There is an experimental treatment, it will not cure you but can prolong your life…

(Nicholas places his face in his hands visibly upset, then looks up like he is looking for God)

(The voice of the Male Doctor fades back in, first low and then louder)

[Male Doctor]: Mr. Duncan, Mr. Duncan, Did you hear what I asked?

(Nicholas originally looking dazed, snaps out of his daze and looks in the direction of the doctor, before he answers he clears his throat)

[Nicholas]: No, I am sorry. What did you ask me?

[Male Doctor]: I asked if you had any family that either you can contact? You need to get your affairs in order.

[Nicholas]: No, I spent most of my life either studying or building my Medical Practice from the ground up. That did not leave me much time for anything else. But I will take your advice and get my affairs in order.

(the lights fade out and you can see Christmas lights lit up at the back of the stage. You hear the sound of tires driving slowly on snow. You see a set of brake lights light up while the sound of wet brakes plays. The lighting fades back in on stage left where you can see a “snow-covered” road and a 1950s convertible in mint condition with Nicholas in the driver’s seat looking a little older with a mid-length white beard. The back drop consists of a picture of houses with Christmas lights lit up).

[Nicholas]: Thank you God for letting me make it until Christmas Eve!

(Nicholas lets out a small chuckle that is clearly painful)

I must look crazy to all the cars I passed on the road driving through the snow with the top down on this convertible. Little do people know that this car belonged to my father, he used to drive me and Ma around on Christmas Eve to look at Christmas lights.

(slight pause)

Although, we lived in Florida and not Ohio! This is definitely the first time I have had the top down in the snow! I just realized that I have never made a snow angel. I would ask my father every year around Christmas to make snow angels, but he would always say it doesn’t snow in Florida. I think that is how I will end my night, making snow angels like I have always dreamed about.

(Nicholas turns the engine off and exits the car slowly, obviously in a lot of pain. Breathless he pauses for a minute before unsteadily walking in front of the car despite leaving one hand on the car to steady himself as he makes his way to the snow-covered bank beside the car to go make snow angels but slips and falls, rolling just outside of lit up part of the stage).

(The lights fade on stage left and appear on stage right where you see Anastasia and her son Christopher with their hands full of bags and packages for Christmas walking slowly towards stage left)

[Christopher]: Mom, how much longer until we are there?

[Anastasia]: We are still about a half-mile away from the bus station kiddo.

[Christopher]: But these packages are getting HEAVY!

(Anastasia stops walking and Christopher who was looking at the Christmas lights in the distance does not notice and runs into the back of his mom, spilling his packages everywhere).

[Anastasia]: I am sorry darling! Here we can take a brief rest, we have a little time to kill before we need to be at the bus station.

(Anastasia and Christopher stop on the side of the road and Anastasia sits down her bags/packages)

[Christopher]: I cannot wait until we are home. My hands are SO cold — Brrrrrrr….

[Anastasia]: The quicker we make it to the bus station the faster we can get warm. But in the meantime, let me show you how I make myself warm on a cold day like this.

(Christopher observes his mother as she marches in place, does some jumping jacks, and then cups her hands in front of her face and blows warm air into them)

[Christopher]: No way, does that actually work?

[Anastasia]:Why don’t you try it and find out.

(Christopher mimics the actions that his mother just showed him and giggles/grins)

[Christopher]: It does work! I feel warmer already.

(Anastasia picks up her belongings)

[Anastasia]: Alright now that we are all warmed up, we better get a move on.

[Christopher]: Oh, man!

(Christopher picks up his packages and reluctantly starts to follow his mother towards stage left)

[Anastasia]: One day soon I will get us a car kiddo! Then we won’t have to take the bus any longer, unless we want to.

(Christopher looks down sadly and says the following line… almost to himself)

[Christopher]: You say that every year…

(when Christopher looks up his eyes grow wide and he practically skips with excitement — he points his finger toward the car on the side of the road).

[Christopher]: Look mom, a CAR!

(Anastasia looks up to where her son is pointing — she seems perplexed)

[Anastasia]: Oh, wow! You are right Christopher. What a strange place for someone to park their car. Why is the top down on the convertible?

(Christopher drops his packages and runs over to the car clearly excited).

[Christopher]: He did it, he really did it!!!!

(Anastasia is clearly confused)

[Anastasia]: What? Who?

[Christopher]: Remember when we took the bus to see Santa?

(Anastasia draws out her next word with an inflection at the end indicating her reply is a question)

[Anastasia]: Yes?

(As Christopher tells his story he is almost vibrating with excitement)

[Christopher]: He asked me if I had been a good boy this year. I told him I had been extra good! When he asked me what I wanted for Christmas I told him that I did not want anything for myself. I told Santa that my mom needed a car and that I wanted to trade ALL my gifts for just this ONE gift for you.

(Anastasia places her hand over her heart)

[Anastasia]: Oh, Christopher! That is the sweetest thing I have ever heard. But I promise that this is NOT a gift from Santa.

[Christopher]: This is a gift from Santa! Look, there is even a key in the car.

(Anastasia peers over the driver side door where her son is looking, she notices foot prints in the snow leading around the front of the car, she starts to follow them before she sees them disappear into the darkness beyond the side of the road. She starts to look worried and turns away quickly to check her cell phone, she frowns and mumbles the following sentence under her breath)

[Anastasia]: Crap, my phone is dead.

(Anastasia squints like she is attempting to look at something far away while turning her head from side to side indicating she is looking for anything like cars or people on either side of the road. She starts to pace back and forth)

[Anastasia]: Of course, there is no one else on the street. Think Anastasia, think.

[Christopher]: What did you say mom?

[Anastasia]: Nothing darling.

(Anastasia shakes her head and suddenly stops pacing. Her head snaps up looking out over the audience perplexed before she looks back at the front of the vehicle. she approaches the driver side door and opens it for her son)

[Anastasia]: I tell you what, get in the car kiddo and scoot over to that side.

(Anastasia motions for Christopher to scoot all the way over to the passenger side. She grabs her bags and packages off the ground and places them in the backseat before sliding into the driver’s seat herself).

[Christopher]: Are you going to drive us home mom?

[Anastasia]: No son, it is cold outside I want to just put the top on this car and make sure that you don’t have to have to wait in this wind while I go look for…

(Anastasia pauses realizing that she needs to come up with the right excuse, so her son doesn’t follow her to look around for the owner of the car. Thankfully, Christopher excitedly interrupts her)

[Christopher]: To go look for Santa!?!?

[Anastasia]: Yes! To go look for Santa. I need you to be a good little boy just a little while longer and stay in the car while I go look for Santa. Now my only question is, how do I get the top up on this car.

(Anastasia can be seen searching frantically for a button before she gets out of the vehicle and starts to physically pull on the topper in an attempt to close the convertible top. The light fades until you can barely see what Anastasia is doing. On the furthest part of stage left a spot light hovers over Nicholas sprawled out in the snow. Slowly Nicholas opens his eyes and attempts to sit up, it takes him a few tries, but he is finally successful. He grimaces as he looks up breathless)

[Nicholas]: You know God, when I said I wanted to make snow angels I didn’t mean I wanted to BECOME an angel from rolling in the snow.

(Nicholas attempts to laugh but it is quickly followed by a cough. He tries to get up but is unsuccessful in doing so. You see him start to visibly shiver)

[Nicholas]: I don’t think I am going to make it back to my car. I am getting so cold, but I am not one to quit. I am going to just lay back down here and use what little energy I have left to make one snow angel.

(Anastasia has now been successful in getting the top on the convertible, she has rolled the windows up on the car with just a tiny crack to allow her son some air while she goes to look for the owner of the car)

(Nicholas is struggling in the snow to make the motions required for a snow angel — much like a supine jumping jack — he coughs once more before patting his pocket to look for his phone. He manages to turn on the flashlight on his cellphone to look around as best he can).

(Anastasia can be seen placing the key in her pocket while she heads out into the darkness following the footsteps)

(the lights dim and you can no longer see Nicholas, his phones flash light or Anastasia. All you an hear is the sound of footsteps in the snow)

[Anastasia]: Hello! Is anybody out there? Heeeelllllooooo….

(Suddenly you see the flashlight from Nicholas’s phone in the distance. Nicholas groans and is barely able to make out the following sentence)

[Nicholas]: Over here

(The lights barely come back on where Anastasia can be seen on her knees next to Nicholas)

[Anastasia]: Oh, my goodness! Are you alright? Here let me help you up.

(Anastasia helps to lift and steady Nicholas who is groaning in attempt to help her get him up and out of the snow)

[Anastasia]: You must be freezing! Let’s head back towards the road, there is a car up there and I think you need a proper place to sit.

(They make their way to the road with Anastasia’s arm linked in Nicholas’s arm, as they get close to the car here comes Christopher bursting excitedly outside of the passenger door)

[Christopher]: You found him! You found him!

(Anastasia was confused but turns to look at the face of the man she just saved from the snow, she realizes that he does kind of look like Santa Claus)

[Anastasia]: Open the backdoor Christopher and help me get him inside the car.

(Christopher complies looking worried for who the man he thinks is Santa. They get him loaded into the backseat and Anastasia motions for Christopher to get in the passenger seat as she hurries to get in the driver’s seat. She starts the car and the lights go down — the only thing visible are the tail lights of the car. You hear the sound of tires on snow).

(When the lights come on you see Nicholas in a Hospital gown laying on the medical table from scene 1. He is under a blanket with Anastasia and Christopher by his side)

[Christopher]: When is Santa going to wake up? If he doesn’t get up soon none of the good girls and boys are going to get presents!

(Anastasia turns towards Christopher and gets on eye level with him to prepare to explain when a male voice can be heard from the darkness)

[Male Doctor]: Ma’am, can I please see you in the hallway for a second?

[Anastasia]: Hey kiddo, the doctor needs to talk to me, but I will be right back ok. I will just be out in the hallway so stay here.

(Anastasia walks out of the spotlight to where she can no longer be seen)

[Christopher]: Santa, I need you to wake up. You have gifts to deliver and I do not want kids to wake up tomorrow and be sad.

(Christopher attempts to shake Nicholas awake gently)

[Christopher]: Santa, Santa, please wake up Santa.

(Christopher hits his knees and closes his eyes to pray — Nicholas can be seen starting to stir and he opens his eyes and turns to the praying child as soon as he starts to pray)

[Christopher]: Dear God, please let Santa Claus wake up. He has a really important job to do. Any other night he would be allowed to sleep but he can’t tonight, it is Christmas eve. Santa can keep the car, I didn’t mean for him to get hurt bringing my mom her gift. I promise I will be a really good boy and next year I won’t ask for anything from you or from Santa if you will just let him get up and give out his gifts to the rest of the kids. Amen.

Oh, and one more thing, my mom always says that being on time means you are late so he will probably need your help delivering all the gifts.

(Nicholas smiles at the boy and Anastasia walks back into the spot light and rushes over to the man’s side as soon as she notices that the man is awake)

[Anastasia]: Oh, you are awake! How are you feeling?

(Christopher looks at Santa with wonder in his eyes)

(Nicholas laughs)

[Nicholas]: I have never been better! It is the eve of my favorite Holiday after all or is it already Christmas, I fear I may have slept in a little too long.

(Nicholas winks at Anastasia as they share a look of knowing. Anastasia looks at her watch)

[Anastasia]: It is just shy of midnight, so you have not missed a thing! I have spoken with your doctor and he said he will be in in just a bit. Now that you are awake, we really must get going, your car is parked downstairs just outside of the ER department. I do not make a habit of taking other people’s cars but I thought this was an exception to that rule.

May I ask you one favor though before I leave?

[Nicholas]: Sure, ask for anything you want.

[Anastasia]: May I please use your phone to call a cab? My phone has died and the bus station is closed for the Holiday at this hour.

[Nicholas]: If you have spoke to my doctor then you must know that this is my last year… delivering gifts. I am retiring…

(Anastasia looks down sadly)

[Anastasia]: Yeah, they were not able to give me the details of everything but then may have mentioned that you are…

(Anastasia glances at her son)

[Anastasia]: retiring.

[Nicholas]: Even though I will be retiring VERY soon, you have saved Christmas. So why don’t you take the Christmas gift that was meant for you instead of using my phone. Where did you say you parked it? Right outside of the ER.

[Christopher]: I told you mom! I knew that car was your Christmas present. Thank you, Santa for granting my wish and let me know if you need my help delivering presents, I have always wanted to know how you get it all done. Plus, I know you are running behind!

(Anastasia looks as if she is about to cry)

[Anastasia]: I appreciate the thought, but I could never accept something like that. That is not why I chose to help you.

[Nicholas]: Nonsense, I have no use for it anymore. I just wanted to take a joyride in it one more time. Besides this is what your son asked me for. You have quite the special little boy.

(Anastasia and Nicholas both look at Christopher who is beaming with a grin spread wide from ear to ear)

[Anastasia]: I know I do. He is the absolute best! Are you sure Mr….

(Anastasia pauses realizing she does not know this man’s name)

[Nicholas]: Nicholas… you know as in Saint Nick

[Christopher]: Yeah… like Saint Nick, mom! Or you can call him Santa like I do!

[Anastasia]: Of course, Nicholas. How could I have forgotten that! Thank you SO much for this gift. This is truly a Christmas I will never forget. I feel so blessed to have met you and could never repay you for this!

[Nicholas]: You will never have to repay me. Now head home you two so I can finish my trip before I retire.

(Christopher runs up and gives Nicholas a hug and Anastasia grabs the key from her pocket, and they walk out into the darkness where they can no longer be seen).

(Nicholas sighs and closes his eyes with a smile on his face)

[Nicholas]: Thank you God for giving me one last Christmas. This is the best Christmas I could have asked for. I am ready when you are, I am tired, and I have already told my lawyer to give all of my money and assets to the person who I chose to give my father’s car to. I am so happy you allowed me to bless such nice people before I go.

(The lights go off on Nicholas and a spot light comes on where you see Anastasia and Christopher are getting into the car they have been blessed with you hear the start of the engine and all the lights go out on stage)

The End