Title: A Cold Christmas Miracle


Anastasia — Young woman in her mid to late twenties 25–29 years old. She is wearing a puffy purple jacket, purple gloves, blue jeans, purple rainboots.

Christopher — Young boy, 5–7 years old. …

Adoption surprise — 2 minute playscript

A two minute play by Amber Merideth

Setting: Lunchroom

Sally is sitting alone at a table unpacking her lunch, Angie approaches the lunch table.

(Sally looks up and smiles)

Sally: Hey lady! How are you today?

Angie: Uh, let’s just say it will be…

I’m giving in, I’m giving up, I no longer give any Fucks.
When I’m called home, I’ll die alone.

You are a breath of fresh air in an everyday place.
Familiar surroundings - but a new face.
This feels familiar, yet oddly different.
Time has been spent yet my threshold feels unlimited?!?
No need to recharge, no need to be alone and I’m still excited when you call my phone.

You are sending mixed signals left and right

Want me to yourself But then hang with your ex all night

You stand me up, you don’t call

Your mental health issue has built a big wall

You are closed off, you are not better

Please go back on your medication before I forget “her”

The “her” that was “you” before this new version

I prefer “you” over “her” because of this mental excursion

They say you need to accept the good with the bad

But this new person just makes me sad

I don’t deserve this, I will not stand by

If you want to keep me, then act like it… no seriously, try.

I'm over this I'm over you

This back and forth is your general rule

You're hot one minute and cold the next

It's really confusing, I'm very perplexed

I don't like your games, I don't like your attitude

We will end in Flames if you don't show some gratitude

I've done my best to show you your worth

It will fall on you if you prefer to be treated like dirt

Lying awake in the middle of the night

Wishing, hoping, praying thoughts of you would take flight

I’m so tired but so wired, sleep evades me

When I do sleep it isn’t deep, tossing and turning because my chest is burning

They say only time heals but I feel like without you time halts

Eventually I’ll get better but for know my heart and soul are fetter

A Personality Theory on Tyrion Lannister:

Coffee shop talk with Adler, Freud, Jung and Rogers

Setting: Small coffee shop mid-morning, the hustle and bustle has settled down and now there are a few people scattered about on various couches and chairs throughout the establishment.

Amber: (Picks up her coffee and…

You wont utter the words
You wont give me validation
Maybe I’m just an experiment of what was once just your imagination
You don’t wanna commit but you don’t want me to go
The love I thought we had is seeming more like an echo
The box you try to put us in is running out of space
The walls are going to keep closing in
All the while I try to win your love, your affection
Your pushing me in another direction
Do I run, do we continue to hide?
At this point the slight is hurting my pride
I whisper to myself, could there be someone else?

#heartbreak #lgbtq #gaylove #love

It hurts to say I love you.
It hurts to say goodbye.
I’m always living in fear that this is our last time.
The clock is ticking, time is running out.
I’m awake at three am thinking about it now.
I don’t want to give up, but I don’t want to get hurt.
It is hard to enjoy the good times knowing our relationship is already buried half way in the dirt.
I wish I could bottle your scent and keep it on my shelf.
Then I could take it out when I’m officially by myself.
It would bring me comfort, if even just for a moment.
Although I know would eventually turn into torment.
Instead I will just try to enjoy what we have left.
Just live in the present, soak in your light.
The plight will have to hold on another day because I need you tonight.

Amber Merideth

ADHD mom who writes for fun...or out of frustration.

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